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Rob Ruha releases official 'I Te Pō' music video

Iconic Māori musician Rob Ruha today released the official music video for 'I Te Pō'.

Shot in Tahiti, 'I Te Pō' first gained traction on YouTube, sung soulfully by a gifted group of young singers called the Rū-Cru.

A song of remembrance, a healing process for Rob Ruha following the loss of his uncles.

Ruha says, “This was composed for the two people I lost, to help me in the grieving process.”

Filmed in Tahiti, Ori Tahiti dancer Poemoana Poe interprets its spiritual intent.

“Because of the loving intent and invitation of the Tahitian people, this is where we filmed the video.  We're at the meeting place of spirits, that's another reason we decided to film the music video here,” says Ruha.

‘I Te Pō’ was first made famous by the Rū-Cru, the original video has gained more than 800,000 views.

“It's because of the beautiful voices of the youth, those youth are also featured singers on my album so their spirit is still there in this version of the song."

Kia Kaaterama Pou is one of the singers.  With the guidance of Ruha she's set to release an EP featuring the voices of kapa haka, Te Reanga Mōrehu o Ratana.

Ruha says, “It's an awesome project and it was great working with the haka group.”

Kia Kaaterama Pou's EP comes out in November.