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Sexual Abuse cases in Kaitaia grow

Dean Gardner appeared before Kaitaia District Court facing 10 charges of indecent assault on a girl under the age of 12. In court he was visibly shaken and nervous.

Gardner will reappear on March 8, however it’s not the only case in the Kaitaia District Court this week dealing with the sexual abuse and exploitation of children. Two days ago another man appeared facing charges of sexual offences against young girls.

Also this week, George Hayward Murray Cherrington 27 years old, faced five counts of raping a girl over 16, one of attempted sexual connection with a girl aged 12-16, another of sexual connection with a girl aged between 12-16 and eight charges of sexual grooming. In 2005 Cherrington appeared on the reality series Charm School.

In recent months another man took the stand for similar charges and 63 year old Eric Reid, a church member pleaded guilty to 25 charges of making intimate visual recordings and 24 charges of possessing intimate visual recordings.

To add to the already disturbing number of cases like this, 37 year old Daniel Taylor currently faces 19 charges of indecent assault against boys under the age of 12, 12 -16 and boys aged 16 years and over.

One of the most notable cases in the area was that of James Parker former assistant principal of Pamapuria School aouth of Kaitaia who pleaded guilty to 49 counts of indecent assault who still faces another 26 charges and is due to appear before the courts again this year.

Due to these disturbing revelations members of the town claim it has a sickness and community groups are doing their best to cope.

Cherring ton will appear again in the district court on February 22nd and Gardner on March 8th.

Reporter: Harata Brown.