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Rebel MC gang terrorises Moerewa families

Police have confirmed an escalating problem with 14 officers now patrolling the towns streets, claiming the sole reason their presence there has grown is due to the Rebels Motorcycle club.

This is a relatively new gang in the town which originated in Australia where around 70 chapters are operating.

Reports confirm there have been a number of violent incidents in the small rural town which include a stabbing.

A local of the area, Peeni Henare says " the families there are living in fear too scared to walk out on the street for all the gang activity".
Recently three cars were set alight and on Friday someone was stabbed and gun shots were heard. Information of the incident received by Te Kāea indicates that this is a feud that originated within the Rebel gang itself.

Mr Henare says there was a shooting while the gangs were going about the streets and no doubt the families in Moerewa are worried.

The Rebel MC is an Australian Motorcycle club. Two years ago the New Zealand Police announced that the Rebels were attempting to set up chapters here in New Zealand.

Police have arrested four members of the Rebel MC gang but wouldn’t say what they are charged with.

A woman who approached Te Kāea who wishes to remain nameless says there were members of the Rebels riding around the town on their bikes at all hours of the day and night. She says she has had bullet pellets on her roof which gives a slight indication as to what the community is having to tolerate.

The town is now searching for a resolution to combat these issues and Mr Henare says, “we want to meet and talk together about how we might be able move forward and clear the streets of the wrongdoing of these gangs so that we can bring our children up safely”.

There will be a community meeting on Thursday to discuss the issues and attempt to come up with a solution for worried members of the community.