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Te Teko take a united stand against sexual abuse

The community of Te Teko are standing up against violence following the sexual assault of a young girl at a local playground three weeks ago.

Around 300 members of the community, including kohanga reo children and school students took to the main highway today to make it clear that violence is not to be tolerated.  The key aim was raising awareness on safety.

The march began at the local school.

The community took a stand today after an 11-year-old female student of the school was subjected to a sexual assault by an unknown male teen.

“There's a police group looking for this assailant,” says teacher Kiri Henry.

They marched on the main road to the area where the incident took place near a local playground.

Police are investigating the incident and say that it's a big concern for the community, but precautions have been set in place here.

With over 300 people attending the march.  Today was not only about raising awareness but also a way to help re-establishing the playgroup as a safe place for children.

Police say they are following some positive lines of enquiry to identify and apprehend the male youth responsible for the attack, which the community will no doubt be hoping will happen soon especially with school holidays coming up.