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FOMA call for Govt to help Māori trusts make better use of land assets

The Federation of Māori Authority (FOMA) is calling on the Government to step in and help Māori Trusts make better use of their land as assets.

FOMA is holding their annual hui this weekend in Whanganui where some of the wealthiest Māori trusts will be in attendance.

The new government has been decided, and these Māori businesses have a few words of advice.

Stan Pardoe is a board member for the Whāngārā Farms Company.  Six years ago, a merger saw two trusts come together under one mantle, they are now a multi-million dollar outfit.

Dairy exports have risen to $3.5 billion over the last year, but some say the govt needs to increase its support for Māori businesses.

Donna Tuwhangai is a newcomer to this gathering, and as a board member for the farming trust, Te Uranga B2 in Taumarunui, she says there is a wealth of knowledge here.

Tonight a special dinner will be held followed by an important presentation tomorrow on the review of the Māori Land Act that's currently being undertaken.