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'Murupara Dreaming' documentary shines positive light

'Murupara Dreaming' is a documentary that hopes to showcase this small, rural town as a place seeking a better future.

Murupara is home to 1,600 people.  Local, Michael Kelsen says, "Our town is alright and it's a good place to live."

It's a view that has been captured in a documentary by Bates Productions.

One of the stars of the three-part documentary series, Te Akauroa Miki, says it's about changing the attitude towards small towns like Murupara.

"I think the documentary represents that Murupara was exposed to a lot of bad reputation and bad name calling, however, it's been rectified, and through this documentary I think it will expose a lot of viewers to what Murupara is really like," Miki adds.

For the locals, it's about exposing the positives of the town.

The community and those who have participated in the documentary will get the first preview at the local Murupara Rugby Club this Friday 19 June.