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"Maara Oranga" project aims to improve whānau health

Twelve whānau will participate in a new garden project aimed at improving whānau health.

The project Parerarua (near Blenheim) called “Maara Oranga” launched by Te Hauora o Ngāti Rārua Ltd will assist whānau in building their own vegetable gardens.

Dr Richard Hunter an experienced horticultural scientist in the community will have an active role in the Maara Oranga project, he says,“This project also looks at the traditional aspects of maara kai, which are often overlooked.”

Te Putahitanga o Te Waipounamu funds the project and its Chair, Norman Dewes says, “Participants on the programme will benefit from education in the planting, maintaining and harvesting of crops.  Another area of interest will be ways in which to store surplus vegetables and fruit such as preserving, and passing on kai to whānau in the community.”

The Maara Oranga project looks set to enhance the health and well-being of many whānau in the future.