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New Iti exhibition bound to rouse discussion

Whenever Urewera artist Tame Iti opens an exhibition it usually incites a reaction, comments or thoughts; some good, some not so good, and others just don't have a clue.

An exhibition to awaken and stir the senses, an artist's impression of freedom of expression, this is Iti.

"The exhibition is called Iti and it is a new work by Tame Iti and photography, recent photography over the past few years by Birgit Krippner," says Melanie Roger.

"This piece relates to the people and the homeland, mountains and language which is Te Urewera.  When the people migrate away from home they're portrayed in that piece over there, they are still Tūhoe but living among the multitudes," says Iti.

A photograph by Birgit Krippner is sure to cause debate however, she says everyone has their own interpretation.

Krippner says, "I photographed Tame naked in Lake Waikaremoana, it is not a graphic image - I don't see it graphic at all, it is a man without weapons, without clothes as nature creates us equally."

"Let's not belittle it, we weren't born with pants on however, this photograph shows the relationship our ancestors had with the water, bathing and soothing our bodies.  It will incite people's thoughts," says Iti.

"There will definitely be discussion, I don't know that it's controversial as such, we did talk about putting it in the window but decided to put it in the gallery space, well it's still visible from the road though and I think that's a nice aspect for people to be able to engage with, or not, if they choose not to," says Roger.

The exhibition Iti, runs at the Melanie Roger Gallery in Herne Bay until Waitangi Day.