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Whare Ora Papakāinga opens in Kaitaia

The Whare Ora Papakāinga in Kaitaia along with an emergency housing service have been officially opened with the aim of providing a home ownership programme for homeless families and shelter for the needy.

The cutting of the ribbon representing the completion of Whare Ora Papakāinga.

Minister of Māori Affairs Te Ururoa Flavell told Te Kāea, “Ricky Haughton lead this project to its completion with the aim of providing the first rung of home ownership for his people.  The papakainga will provide education, playground and a range of facilities and services for all generations.”

Seven parents and 43 children now call this home with plans to build a shop to support the papakainga in the future

He Korowai Trust chair Naida Glavish says, “The people now living here were living in buses in vehicles at bus stations and a range of places.  Now they're sleeping in beds in their own homes.”

Today He Korowai Trust's emergency housing service was also opened providing shelter for troubled individuals and those in need.

“This initiative is essentially the realisation of Whanau Ora while providing an even broader range of services to the Kaitaia community and the whole of Northland,” says Flavell.

Next week a Puna Reo opens its doors on the papakainga.