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Dr Ngāpō Wehi commemorated

Auckland paid tribute to those individuals who have paved the way for many Maori communities within the region at the Tāmaki Herenga Waka Festival. One of them was the late Dr Ngāpō Wehi.

It was a grand opening performed by Auckland’s much-loved group, Te Waka Huia.

A tribute performance to their late founder, Dr Ngāpō Wehi, a man who paved the way for many Maori communities living Auckland through kapa haka.

Dr Ngāpō Wehi and his late wife Dr Pimia moved to Auckland more than 30 years ago and established an Auckland based haka group for urban Maori. This led to many national wins and many overseas performances.

As they take on the Te Matatini competition in three weeks, they'll be without their founders for the very first time.

Tomorrow Te Waka Huia will perform for the second time at the festival to celebrate their culture which is well and alive in Auckland.