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Georgina Beyer to speak at Oxford Union

The world's first openly transsexual mayor and member of parliament has been invited to speak at the Oxford Union in England.  New Zealand's Georgina Beyer joins the ranks of Bill Clinton, Helen Clark, Albert Einstein and the Dalai Lama in receiving the honour.

Beyer is humbled to have a platform to share her story.

"It's a huge honour to be asked to go and address the Oxford Union. The good and the great of the world over time have spoken there, from Einstein to Churchill from Clinton to Regan."

Beyer, a former sex worker, follows in the footsteps of former prime ministers Clarke and David Lange.

Beyer's hosts can expect to hear all about her colourful past.

"...being transsexual, my life in politics, some of the campaigns and causes I've helped to fight for such as prostitution reform and civil unions in particular.  So basically the Georgina Beyer life story."

And despite overcoming severe health hurdles, Beyer could still serve some stern words to those against rainbow community rights.

"I particularly want to mention Russia," says Beyer,  "I think they need a serve, and certainly some countries in Africa which have the death penalty for rainbow community people, and also ISIS and people like that who throw gay people off the tops of buildings and that type of horror.  This really has to end."

The Oxford Union, Oxford University’s debating society, will host Beyer between October and December.