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CNZ launches new toi Māori strategy

Creative NZ is launching a new strategy to support Māori artists. The new initiative aims to further the growth of Māori art locally and internationally.

"We want to see Aotearoa NZ embrace celebrate and value Māori arts in all its glory," says Caren Rangi, deputy chair of the Arts Council of New Zealand - Toi Aotearoa.

Rangi says the strategy aims to better understand how Creative NZ can help Māori arts practitioners.

"We're so spoiled for choice with the extent of Māori practitioners we have- contemporary and heritage- so we want Māori arts to become part of everybody's identity in New Zealand."

In 2018, Creative NZ embarked on a roadshow where they engaged with over 800 practitioners to inform the new strategy.

"It was about really gathering a better understanding of the sector and then enabling us to formulate, not only the strategy, but before that the actual framework that we would develop that strategy within."

Rangi says the strategy also looks at engaging with other organisations with interests in Māori arts as well as local and central government.

The strategy will be implemented for the next five years.