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Will NZ's UFC fighters be able to get back into the Octagon under Level 2?

For UFC athletes, uncertainty remains whether the sport will back into full swing, come level two lockdown.  With the sport typically involving a lot of travel and also being self-funded, these are road-blocks that commentator and trainer, Mike Angove is hopeful they can overcome.

“The obvious opportunity is perhaps for what occurs, is for Australia who also had good success with the virus as well.

“Whether there is room for an Australasian travel bubble there as well. Obviously that's up in the air but hopefully, we can get some traction.

During level 4 lockdown, the majority of the athletes have continued to train within their bubbles, receiving help from their respective gyms.

“Very much a matter of making the best of your situation where you're at."

"That means do you have a bag, do you have some equipment, we’ve lent some of our guys equipment from the gym so that they've been able to go out and maintain some level of fitness,” says Angove.

Angove is confident that NZ athletes will be quick to return to top form once the government gives the all-clear.

"We are probably going to be one of the first countries to market so to speak.

"Our athletes will be fit and already in training and that puts us in an advantageous position so that when the floodgates open, we are able to take advantage of that," he says.