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Winston brings the house down on National

Winston Peters brought his characteristic humour back to Parliament as he replied to the Opposition's denouncement of the Budget.

While shooting back at Simon Bridges' denouncement of the Budget. the Deputy Prime Minister shared some advice with the National Party leader.

"You know Mr Bridges, my advice from the first day level two, of the COVID crisis level two, is to get a haircut, and a real job!"

The Deputy PM launched salvo after salvo at the Opposition saying that they were acting 'like a bunch of fifth columnists'. National Gerry Brownlee was quick to heckle. The master of political skullduggery then brought his guns to bear onto his old adversary.

"He (Brownlee) uses these occasions to make a constant fool of himself!" Peters says.

When Brownlee yelled back in response Peters then took the opportunity to remind his listeners that, "That man shouting like a lunatic is Mr Brownlee!"

Peters and Brownlee have often been in conflict in their long political careers and yesterday was no exception.

Peters was expelled from Parliament's debating chamber in 2012 after using a point of order to call MP Brownlee an 'illiterate woodwork teacher'.