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Treaty of Waitangi was not acknowledged in COVID Response

The COVID Response Select Committee met today via zoom addressing some of the issues that come about when Aotearoa went into lockdown. One of the main concerns according to Prue Kapua - President of The Māori Women's Welfare League was that "There is no recognition or acknowledgement of Te Tiriti o Waitangi." especially when it comes to Māori determining what happens on their own marae.

"Have there been then the issues that surround the controversy over the inclusion of marae may not have been an issue obviously there would have been a point where we will be able to determine what would happen within our own spaces," says Kapua

She also shares feedback and recommendations on moving forward.

"Section 18 should include a power for the Minister of Māori Development to authorise persons as enforcement officers who are suitably qualified by virtue of knowledge and respect to take action under the act in respect of Māori communities or gatherings."

"Include in Section 20 that the entry without a warrant can only occur when there are reasonable grounds to believe it is necessary to enter premises to provide a direction to prevent an immediate risk to the life or safety of any person."