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Ethnic minorities star on the 'big screen' in snowboarding

US award-winning filmmakers Teton Gravity Research are about to screen a story of three professional snowboarders weathering a storm like no other.

Mountain Revelation is a documentary about a 10-day mission deep in Alaska's Chugach Mountain Range - a match for the harsh realities Rafael Pease, Jeremy Jones and Ryan Hudson experience in a '99%' white-dominated sport.

It showcases the hurdles they face every day in the sport - institutional racism, access to opportunity and wealth disparity. The screening will take place next month during the snowboarding season.

“It's hard to integrate yourself into the community where you only see people that look different to you if you're not white,” Pease says.

"Brown Hispanic" Pease lives in Chile where his primary sports are snowboard / splitboard, spending at least seven months of the year in the mountains.

He's widely known in the country for being a solid earth steward in environmental protection, legislative reform and has worked extensively to address indigenous rights in South America with the aim of seeing “not only taking one [indigenous] seat representative but taking the majority”, over climate change decisions.

In that time, Pease has collaborated with Climate Reality, Fridays for Future, and three dozen NGOs and non-profits in the social-environmental justice area.

“People have learnt through 50 generations of living on the land and they're the ones who have seen change day to day through hundreds of years.”