National | Dr Shane Reti

Will Shane Reti run for National leader?

From deputy leader to interim leader to real leader?

That’s something Dr Shane Reti admitted today he hasn’t ruled out.

He told Te Ao Tapatahi today he had been thinking about it.

Reti was pushed into the interim spot yesterday after the National caucus dumped Judith Collins as leader yesterday morning.

That’s after she tried to demote former leader Simon Bridges over a lewd joke he told five years ago in the presence of a female MP.

Now Reti will lead the caucus to the leadership election on Tuesday where the Nats will now be looking at giving themselves the best chance to rebuild heading into the 2023 elections.

Leader list

The likely contenders are newbie MP (but global businessman) Christopher Luxon, possibly with experienced Wellington MP Nicola Willis for deputy, the outspoken former tobacco lobbyist Chris Bishop, ex-police dog handler and international security expert Mark Mitchell and lawyer Simon Bridges, who had the spot for two years and got rolled by businessman Todd Muller, who lasted only two months.

Muller, who was forced out of the caucus by Collins, may be back in to support one of the contenders.

All eyes will be on them. But some may need to look to the North, to the man tasked with holding the party together for the next five days, Shane Reti.

Te Ao Māori News took the Te Ao Facebook page last night to ask the public (in an admittedly unscientific poll) if Shane Reti should stay as leader of the National Party and 60% of replies said yes.