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Whānau, enough about me: 'Best player to watch? - Myself'

Te Ao Toa hosts Erena Mikaere, Stacey Fluhler and Liam Messam.   Source / File

There was no end of fun and laughs as Te Ao Toa host and Magic netball star Erena Mikaere entertained co-hosts Stacey Fluhler and Liam Messam with her favourite sporting highlights this year.

"Got to bring it up again for next year, Magic? (How will they do?)" asks Fluhler.

"Don't put your tapu on us, please," laughs Mikaere, whose team finished the season in last place.

"I'm not going to talk our team up. We had a great team on paper last year, the year before and been koretake," says Mikaere.

"So I just think the player to watch is probably myself (huge smile) - and Ameliaranne (Ekenasio) when she comes back from having her child."

"Talking about yourself," says Fluhler, "33 years old, you're hissing you know, you're still doing the mahi. How's the body going to cope? Are you gonna take some tips from (Liam)?

"Whānau, enough about me," says Mikaere, before quickly switching the topic to award-winning Māori singer-songwriter Teeks (Te Karehana Gardiner-Toi), who she rounds out the segment with an interview with from earlier this year.