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Gov't investing $15.7m to boost Māori vaccination rates

The government is investing another $15.7 million to help Māori get vaccinated, with the funding going to 12 community proposals across the motu.

The grants, which range between $138,000 and 4.8 million dollars, will target geographic areas and subsections of the community with notably low vaccination rates, such as those battling addiction, mental health concerns, or who live on the fringes of mainstream society, such as gang members, those who are unemployed, or have no fixed address.

A recent report revealed Maori battling addiction have a vaccination rate 26% lower than the general population while those suffering mental illness have a 17% lower rate. The funding will go to vaccination events and educational material which target specific groups, as well as up skilling community members to become vaccinators.

A total of $72.08 million covering 85 contracts was approved for Māori vaccination initiatives in 2021, with approximately $53 million already paid out to kaitono.

Since the fund was established, Māori first dose vaccination rates increased from 69% to 90% and the second dose rate from 49 to 86% for 12-year-olds and older.