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'Arise Sir Buck Shelford'

He's one of our greatest All Blacks ever. Undefeated as captain, 'Arise Sir Buck'.

"Well, my mum's Scottish so I've got the kilt on today. This is our clan kilt," Sir Buck said at an investiture ceremony at Government House in Auckland on Saturday.

"I've got the Te Arawa korowai from Rotorua. I was born in Rotorua and we've got whānau connections down there as well.

"My whakapapa wraps from Ngāpuhi, all the way to Taranaki, back to Te Arawa."

He has been named as the man that gave mana to the haka.

"I didn't think of it like that. I thought it would just mean if we're not going to do it properly, we're not going to do it at all.

"They were probably threatened by what it meant - initially, for those that didn't like doing it," Sir Buck said.

"Once you tell them what it's all about, they started enjoying it, they learnt it properly.

"So, it just evolved from there. And now, everybody in NZ is basically doing it."

Like the Warrior he was on the field, off the field he spends most of his time advocating for many charities and also hauora like prostate cancer.

"As I've been with prostate cancer now for 14 years, I try to get men to be more proactive in their health and wellbeing. And really talk to the men, 'come on boys, you got to man up and get out there.'

"I try to help out where I can. Basically, serving the community as I enjoy doing it."