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Ngāti Paoa take legal action against Waiheke Island's Pūtiki Bay marina

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Ngāti Paoa is to take legal action in an effort to stop the construction of a marina at Waiheke Island's Pūtiki Bay.

On Friday evening, Ngāti Paoa Trust Board issued a statement saying they had filed an appeal with the Court of Appeal seeking to quash the resource consent for the marina. They are also seeking declarations that Auckland Council acted unlawfully and breached its statutory obligations.

“The only way we can begin to right the wrongs that have been committed against Ngāti Paoa and Waiheke is by having those who did us wrong held to account,” trust board chairperson Danella Roebeck said.

If the appeal is successful, the resource consent may be quashed and sent back to the Environment Court for it to consider Ngāti Paoa’s cultural effects evidence. If it decides not to issue the consent, then the marina may not proceed and any existing construction works on the marina may have to be removed, the statement said.

Ngāti Pāoa has been protesting the marina since construction started in March 2021.