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Historic milestone for Māori TV to be livestreamed as the sun rises

The new name for Māori Television will be revealed to the world in a livestream at dawn tomorrow.

Whakaata Māori, which means "to mirror", "to reflect" or "to display" will be the official name, reflecting the network’s growth into a multi-media organisation.

From 6am tomorrow leaders, iwi, communities and kaimahi will gather to celebrate the milestone, as well as indigenous broadcasters abroad.

Tāhuhu rangapū Shane Taurima says tomorrow's launch of the new name reflects the important strides made by many in the revitalisation of te reo Māori and the ability to embrace a Māori name.

“Eighteen years ago we began as a television station. Today, we are more than a multi-media organisation, we are a movement, a people, a culture, a cornerstone of Aotearoa and a thriving part of its future.”

The special dawn ceremony will be available to watch on Facebook, Māori+ and mā