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April Fool's pranks: Police 1, KFC 0

As April Fool's pranks go, the NZ Police did not disappoint, this 1st day of April.

But the same can't be said for KFC, who got (some) whānau hearts fluttering - with a potentially 'revolutionary' kai offering - only to do the unthinkable and reveal they'd just been hoodwinking us.

The Police quietly posted their 'secret recipe' for 'how to get out of speeding tickets' on social media on Saturday morning - inviting unsuspecting punters to 'Click Here'.

And when curiosity got the better of us and we, of course, clicked what we shouldn't have, what did we discover?

Yes, you guessed it, the Police remonstrating with us, "Don't Speed'.

And if we didn't already know better than to click on 'dodgy' links, in the comments section they double-downed with "Don’t click this while you’re driving either! #aprilfools."

Nice one.

So what did KFC do that was so un-'Finger Lickin' Good'?

"Introducing K F&C, Kentucky Fish & Chips... coming soon.

"Bringing you our latest catch, with freshly battered Secret Recipe Snapper paired with the Colonel's signature golden crispy chips. Hook Line & Sinker!"

To be fair, there were a fair few who weren't feeling it.

"My first thought was Far Out. We already have enough fish n chip shops selling over priced miniature servings I wonder how bad this will be by comparison.... Then there goes the rest of the snapper population," said one person. "Then [I] remembered it's April 1st."

But there were just as many who were definitely up for it - or not.

"WT actual F? Kentucky fried fish? Oohhahahaha who would've thought?", said someone possibly keen-ish on the 'delicacy'

"I actually wish this wasn’t a April fools," someone else added.

"Can I have a wicked hoki combo please," another joked.

The joke was on us, of course. Well played. Until next year then.