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Boh Runga releases new children’s book hoping to ‘spark their imagination’

Musician Boh Runga visited an Auckland school this week in the hope of inspiring the younger generation with the release of her new children’s book, The Lotus and the Snowbird.

The work explores the imaginative world of plants and wildlife.

Sunnyvale Primary School students got to hear Boh Runga reading from the book.

One of the students, who enjoyed the story, says she is excited to share the book with her whānau at home.

Runga says she hopes some of the children will be able to recognise some of the creatures in the book.

“But I would love for them to explore further and read up. Go online and have a look at what the animals in the book represent in real life.”

“Of course, the garden is a fictitious place where these animals will never be together in one place at all. I’m just trying to spark their imagination.”

‘I love children’s books’

As a child, Runga says it was her love for books when she was a child that inspired the creation.

“I love children’s books. When I was little I used to love the Hungry Caterpillar as everyone did and also Where the Wild Things Are.”

Growing up, Runga’s father used to show her caterpillars and spiders, further inspiring her to feature wildlife in the book.

“I used to put praying mantises in a jar and catch flies for them… the natural world is a fascinating world.”

Boh Runga's book

She says writing books is another outlet for her to create other than music.

“I want to be able to come out and read to a school… I’m a bit excited really. I haven’t done it before.”

A QR code is featured on the back of the book where readers can scan for more information on the featured creatures.


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