‘Immaculate vibes!’: Road worker’s mana waves ‘lively up’ drivers’ day

Raana has been throwing some ‘immaculate vibes’ on the Napier-Taupō highway.

Traffic management worker and mana wave expert Raana is based in Hawke's Bay. A TikTok video showing his mana waves has racked up more than 225,000 views in less than a week. Photo / TikTok

If you’ve been on a summer “roadie” around Hawke’s Bay, chances are you may have come across one of Ngāti Kahungunu’s finest exponents of the “mana wave”.

What’s a “mana wave”? Well, let us introduce you to Raana - “pronounced like Āna but with an R at the beginning of it” - who threw a few the other day along the Napier-Taupō highway.

“I’m a traffic management worker. Of course, I’m gonna throw mana waves.”

That’s how Raana introduces himself in his latest TikTok, that’s amassed more than 225,000 views in less than a week.

It’s tempting to describe a mana wave as a little like an exaggerated wiri (or fluttering hand movement) - but that doesn’t really do it justice.

The truth is the way Raana - who goes by $KR!P or @skrip.41 on TikTok - does it is a lot more “extra” than that.

Take a look for yourself.

@skrip.41 Part 2 🙌 #fypppppppppppppp #foryoupage #manawave #mana #maori ♬ Stumblin in REMIX - Cyril Riley

‘Straight vibe’

It’s clear his particular brand of mana waves is a hit with whānau - “straight vibe my brother” - judging by the feedback he’s received.

“Those mana waves are awwwwn! [on]. Just know, the bigger the wave the bigger the smile brother!” says one person, among the hundreds of comments on his video.

“Chur chur mean mana right thur Māori,” says another person.

“It’s been the best part of driving through road works bro! Keep doing it,” says someone else full of encouragement.

A truckie smitten by Raana’s mana waves described him as an “absolute legend”. “As a truck driver, seeing those Mana waves absolutely makes my day!”

And the praise keeps rolling in, especially for his TikTok’s grand finale mana wave. “The last 1. super sonic mana wave,” says another admirer.

Expert mana wave exponent Raana in action along the Napier-Taupō highway. Photo / TikTok

Secret of a ‘mana-ful’ wave

We asked Raana what he thinks makes a great mana wave.

“The secret to an awesome mana wave would be to just be yourself. Nothing’s better than knowing you’re out on those roads throwing them mana waves straight from the heart,” he says.

Several people remarked that traffic management workers in their area of the country were also “chucking out” mana waves - or wished they were.

“I been getting these waves from the boys out Rotorua ways everyday. Makes my day,” says one person who left a comment.

“Even the boys in Auckland doing the mana WAVES. I chucked one back HAHAHA KIAWIRI my broos,” says another person.

Feeling a little left out in the capital, someone left the comment, “Need you on our roads in Wellys doing the solid mana waves.”

And it seems Raana’s inspired one of the mana wave faithful to take it international.

“I’m gonna bring the mana wave to Aus for ya,” the person says.

Apparently, whānau in Australia have been missing the reminder of home

“Bro, that’s my man in the car every time we drive past a driver, expects Aussies to wave back the same.”

There are a few others keen to get in on the act back here - and even outdo Raana, if they can.

“Brothaaaa!! I hope I see you one day to send that mana wave right back at you, this is mean as!” one person says.

“Bro, where you working so [I] can return the mana waves of all mana waves[?] Mauri Ora,” says another person feeling truly “manafied”.

“I love it when use [yous] give the mana waves sometimes I try to beat yas [yous] to it haha,” laughs someone else.

Raana says there are always loads of smiling passersby doing their best to go next-level mana wave on him.

“I’ve had soooo many people try out-mana wave me. We get about 100 different carloads each day, tryna out mana wave me,” he says.

Raana unleashes a Thor lightning hammer throw on unsuspecting travellers. Photo / TikTok


Another of Raana’s TikToks featuring mock hammer (lightning) throws like Marvel Comics character Thor - who Taika Waititi made a movie about - has more than 545,000 views.

It’s had a similar magical impact as his mana wave video - maybe because he gets airborne and tops it off with a loud “boom” sound.

@skrip.41 “The Thors Hammer Throw” #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #manawave #manawaveofdoom ♬ original sound - $KR!P

“This is the best one yet... by far!!! BOOOM,” a clearly impressed person says.

“Bro I got you on my dachcam [dashcam] waveing,” says another person.

“Cuzzy did anyone toot? Love the vibes! I’d hundy toot,” another enthusiast says.

But, perhaps, the funniest comment was from the person who said, “Brother’s going to need shoulder surgery soon.”

That got the man himself’s attention, prompting Raana to cheekily reply, “My elbow joint started playing up soon as I got home.”

We had to ask Raana who he thought would win if Thor’s throw went up against the mana wave?

“Fuuuu, that’s a good one. Tbh [to be honest] Thor ain’t got nothing on us Māori when it comes to Thor’s hammer throw. If he ain’t got the ihi he ain’t got the mana,” Raana says with a smile.