Ruapehu District Council and Ngāti Hāua Uri build on relationship to improve community outcomes

A whakatau at Ngapuwaiwaha Marae in Taumarunui is being hailed as a key step in developing relationships and the successful delivery of local projects.

Ngāti Hāua uri hosted the whakatau to welcome and meet Ruapehu District Council management, staff and newly-appointed professional services contractors for three waters, parks and reserves, solid waste and land transport BTW and partners Rationale and Xyst.

Representatives from The Lines Company, Stellar Projects, Intricate Developments, Mano Studios and Rephan Woods Building Solutions also attended.

Kaikōrero and representative for Ngapuwaiwaha Marae Willy Huch expressed gratitude for their attendance.

“Today marks an important part of our journey as Ngāti Hāua Uri develops our strategic partnership with the council, contributing to the wellbeing of our communities,” Huch said.

“This whakatau is not just a ceremony; it is a step towards building enduring relationships, thriving communities, and a healthy environment.

“The whakatau is deeply rooted in our traditions. It is a way for us to honour our ancestors and to pave the way for future generations. By coming together in this manner, we acknowledge the importance of respect, understanding, and mutual support.”

The goal for Ngāti Hāua Uri was to create a sustainable and thriving environment for all people.

“By building strong partnerships with the council, we can ensure that our communities not only survive but flourish. We are committed to nurturing these relationships, ensuring that they are not just for today but for the future. Our collective efforts will lead to a healthier, more vibrant community where everyone can prosper.”

Council chief executive Clive Manley thanked Ngāti Hāua Uri for hosting the whakatau, highlighting its significance in establishing vital relationships.

“This event marks a significant step in fostering relationships between Ngāti Hāua Uri and council. It underscores our belief in the importance of building strong connections to ensure the successful delivery of local projects.

“We welcome the opportunity to participate in the whakatau which supports council’s new approach to delivering our work programme while giving appropriate respect and recognition to Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

“Council and our contractors are dedicated to working collaboratively with iwi. We aim to ensure that our local iwi and communities benefit from council spending through employment and other opportunities.”

Manley said although the community was not financially wealthy, it was rich in spirit and people.

“We need to make the most of what we have, and this is why meeting together like this is so important. Thank you for making us welcome. We want to work with you and do our best for our community.”