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Guildford in hot water again

Zac Guildford, as talented a rugby player as he is, may have finally run out of excuses.

As new revelations transpire of another alcohol-related incident, the Crusaders star has voluntarily stood himself down.

In 2011, Guildford's drunk and nude antics led to trouble with the law in Rarotonga, and alcohol got him in hot water again during the Rugby World Cup, after which he promised to curb his drinking.

A former All Black who battled his own alcohol habits told Te Kāea that he'd be willing to meet with Guildford.

NZRU chief executive, Steve Tew, said both the NZRU and the Crusaders were very disappointed to learn of Guildford's latest incident, and that misconduct proceedings have been initiated.

Reporter:  Tamati Tiananga