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Aotea Senior Kapa Haka Regionals - Aotea Ūtanganui

Aotea Ūtanganui comes under the umbrella of the Pātea Māori Cultural Theatre Trust and has performed at regional and national competitions since the 1970s.

While the 'look' of the rōpū has changed over the decades, their focus remains the same.

Aotea Ūtanganui has always encouraged its whānau to develop their performing arts skills, and to strengthen their bonds as a group.

Today, they dedicate their performance to those who established the group back in the '70s, and in particular, those who are no longer with them today.

back in the 70’s and in particular those who are no longer with us.

Their tutors and leaders today are Janine and Andy Maruera.