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Claudette Hauiti intends to step down following mis-spending revelations

National Party Māori MP, Claudette Hauiti, has announced her intention to step down at the coming General Elections.

Claudette Hauiti said in a statement it was a very difficult decision for her but she wouldn't comment further.

Last week, Claudette Hauiti ran into trouble when it was revealed she had used her parliamentary purchase card to pay for flights to Australia.

However this isn't the first time she's broken parliamentary rules..

Flight tickets to Australia during the Christmas period amongst other purchases by Claudette Hauiti on her parliamentary purchase card.

Today, neither her nor parliamentary services have revealed the exact amount of the tickets, or the other unauthorised purchases.

In March, Hauiti volunteered the card back and has repaid the mis-spent money.  However, a month later Claudette Hauiti broke the rules again, this time employing her wife in her Auckland electorate office.

That's against parliamentary rules leaving Hauiti to terminate her spouse as an employee in May.  Claudette Hauiti entered parliament in May last year following the departure of disgraced MP Aaron Gilmore.