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Protests against closure of Aboriginal communities gain momentum

The protests against the impending closure of up to 150 aboriginal communities in Western Australia have gained momentum online and on the ground. The Tent Embassy with the Nyoongar people on Heirisson Island in Perth is one of the many protests around Australia.

Māori are being more vocal in their support and today many came along to the tent embassy to support the cause and to bring koha such as food, water, bedding and waiata too.

These Māori felt like they needed to be here to support their indigenous cousins.

The Nyoongar people were desperate for the basic necessities after the third police raid of the camp in two weeks.

The Western Australian government revealed its plan to close between 100 -150 of the states 274 communities late last year because they were no longer viable or sustainable.

While the Nyoongar people are determined to fight for their people and their land they still need as much help as possible to keep the fire going here at the Tent Embassy.

Whilst it's a long road ahead for the Nyoongar and Aboriginal people, the burden is shared tonight with their Maori relatives.