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Te Rarawa shocked following waste management contract termination

A backward move for the community and the environment.

This from Te Rūnanga o Te Rarawa in regard to the termination of their waste management contract in the Far North with the district council giving it to outside companies. Up to fifty jobs will go with the loss of the contract.

Haami Piripi of Te Rūnanga o Te Rarawa says, “We're stunned. It's a major blow to the community with a number of businesses working together here under one umbrella, but it seems the council have turned their back on us.”

Under Cleanstreams Northland, iwi and local community groups have worked a joint venture to recycle up to 70% of this region's waste.

It is reported the Far North District Council has given two contacts worth $4.6mil each to Northland Waste Limited and Waste Management Limited for five years.

“Despite all their kind words in recent years, it's clear it was all lies. That money will not come back into this community and this type of thing is a tragedy, it's very bad,” says Mr Piripi.

Apart from the loss of the contract and jobs, it's also unclear whether the high levels of recycling and conserving resources implemented in this district over the past 20 years will be maintained in the future.

Te Kāea attempted to make contact with the Mayor however no calls were answered. It's thought that cost-cutting is at the root of this decision.