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Tau fruit fly found in New Zealand

A tropical insect pest, the Tau Fly, has been found in New Zealand.  The fly, from the same family as the Queensland Fruit Fly pest, eats and lays eggs in fruit and vegetables.

The Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) says it's followed all processes to try and contain the Tau Fly to Manukau, where it was found.  The Tau Fly is a pest from South East Asia.

Brendan Gould from MPI says, "They lay their eggs in the fruit, and then the maggots feed on the fruit."

The Tau Fly is a certain type of Fruit Fly its the first time this kind has been found here in New Zealand.

Gould says, "We found one male Tau Fly, not sure if there is a population but we are trying to contain it in the area."

Manpreet Kaur Manager of this Fruit & Vege supermarket in Manurewa, local business and the community need to take caution and be aware to help eradicate this pest.

Kaur says, "It's bad news for us, it's not good I think everyone should be aware of it and we should take action as soon as possible."

Gould says MPI is taking a risk-based approach, where the first focus is on the controlled area.

If you see Tau Fly contact Ministry of Primary Industry on 0800 80 99 66.