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The Kumeu Arts Centre celebrates Papatūānuku

Papatūānuku is the title of an art exhibition at the Kumeu Arts Centre. In Māori mythology, Papatūānuku is the mother of all things; plants, trees, birds and people.

Christine Rose is the chair of the Kumeu Arts Centre, and also an artist on display.

“Papatuānuku was an opportunity to give life and to give expression to those things around us that make our lives full and flourishing and art's a great way to do that, to celebrate Earth Mother.”

“At the moment I'm doing a lot of pottery and it has a marine theme, so lots of whale and dolphins, and some eels, some tuna and some fish.”

“One of the things I do as well as looking after the Kumeu Arts Centre is to be a Kaitiaki of our marine life, which is reflected in my art.”

“So that's some of the magic that happens here in the Kumeu Arts Centre, being a community based facility at grassroots, letting the voice of the public, of the wider community be expressed in art.”