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Māori Party shouldn’t leave partnership over Kermadecs - Turia

The former leader of the Māori Party Dame Tariana Turia doesn't think the party should sever its ties with the government over the Kermadecs.

This week former Māori Party vice president and current director of Te Ohu Kaimoana Ken Mair said the Māori Party should walk away from the government over what they believe to be a breach of treaty rights.

Dame Turia left the Labour Party over the Foreshore and Seabed Act, however, she doesn’t believe the Māori Party to follow suit.

“The situation is far different to when I walked away from Labour. I was in the tent, I was in the party and I could not vote against the party line. The Māori Party is an independent party and they could vote against the government.”

Dame Turia highlighted there were more important issues to advocate then the Kermadecs.

“I would far sooner see the party step away from the government on the issue of institutional racism rather than an issue of fish.”

The Ohu Kaimoana stated this week that they will be taking the government to court over this issue. The Māori Party has said they will continue to negotiate with the government in good faith and will not entertain thoughts of walking away.

Our reporter Heta Gardiner has more tonight on Te Kāea, 5:30pm. Māori Television.