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Report reveals shooting of Vaughan Te Moananui was "justified"

The Independent Police Conduct Authority has revealed that the two policemen who shot 33-year-old Vaughan Te Moananui in Thames last year were "justified".

Te Moananui was fatally shot in May 2015 by two members of the Armed Offenders Squad when he ignored multiple appeals for him to drop his weapon.

The IPCA found that both officers were justified by law and under Police Policy.

Prior to the shooting, Moananui had shot his friend in the foot after an argument broke out between the pair in Kopu.

The report states that Moananui was carrying a loaded, raised firearm and had threatened to shoot police if he saw them.

Waikato Police District Commander Bruce Bird says, “This was a tragic situation for Mr Te Moananui and his family and a stressful time for everyone involved,” says Waikato Police District Commander Bruce Bird.

Police were confronted with a very difficult situation."

The officers did not want to shoot Mr Te Moananui but, given the risk he posed, they were left with no other option.

Mr Bird adds, "I accept the findings of today’s report, which concluded that the Police response was appropriate during this dynamic and dangerous event,”

The IPCA concludes that police provided all reasonable medical assistance to Mr Te Moananui before paramedics transported him to hospital where he was pronounced dead.