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Christmas lights lifts spirits in Tamatea

Tetraplegic man, Mark Williams, spends almost two months transforming his home in Tamatea into a Christmas light extravaganza. What started off with just two strings of lights has grown into a nearly 100,000 light display that draws thousands of people every year.

They come in their droves to view this night time wonderland, around 20,000 in the month of December alone.

“I just enjoy the lights and enjoy doing it for the people and I get a lot of joy out of the people that come to see the lights,” says Mr Williams.

What started off with just two strings of lights 16 years ago, has now grown into an almost 100,000 lights display that spans two houses.

“I wouldn't want to put a figure on it, it's like you know, I have a lot of lights and this year we got to go next door as well so we got the two houses doing it so we ran out of room on my house for the lights.”

30 years ago Mark was in a car accident that left him paralysed, but with some help from a few friends he gets the display up every year.

It's a labour of love that he hopes to continue for many more years to come.