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Top five Tūhoe swimming holes to scope out this summer

It's that time of year when families are heading off to beach baches, family homesteads and escaping the city madness to enjoy the sun and water. If you're planning on escaping to the Urewera region these holidays and into Tūhoe country, here's some swimming hotspots the locals have on their list of places to go.

There's nothing like a good dunk in the some of the freshest waters around the country to wipe away the worries, the Urewera National park and its surrounding areas boast many a good spot to play in the water.

Coming in at number 5, the Waimana gorge. Just outside of Tāneatua, it's not hard to miss, perfect for bombs and playing in the current.

At number 4, Home Bay in Waikaremoana. The crystal clear waters near the holiday park will keep you entertained for hours.

Ruatoki holds the number three swimming spot at location 'end of the road'. There's only one road going in and out of this side of the Urewera Park, Ohinemataroa, also great for eeling.

For the Runner up we're crossing over to the other side of Tūhoe land, Sharpies in Ruatāhuna, the local swimming hole.

But at number 1 place for best swimming spot in Tūhoe country, the Orby in Waimana.

Top five Tūhoe swimming holes to scope out this summer

#1 The Orby, Waimana

#2 Sharpies, Ruatāhuna

#3 End of the Road, Rūātoki

#4 Home Bay, Waikaremoana

#5 The gorge, Waimana

Post us a pic of your favourite swimming spot!