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Dad reveals daughter in drug video awaits rehab

The young woman at the centre of a disturbing drug-fuelled video has applied for rehab.

The 22-year-old was filmed by her brother, Tuakeu Hewett-Grover, in a zombie like state after taking synthetic drugs.  The video went viral online last week.

Today, their father, Hemi Grover, told Māori Television his daughter was now on a waiting list for drug rehabilitation.

“They have a huge waiting list.  A policeman told Tuakeu: ‘If you take your video and show them, maybe that might make a change and they might get her in a bit quicker.’  It’s good she’s on their waiting list,” said Mr Grover.

The online video had more than two million views and highlighted the effects of synthetic drug use.

Mr Grover said his daughter had since watched the video.

“Got a shock of her life and she’s decided to change.  So yeah, all I can see is good things you know, like the phoenix rising from the ashes,” he said.

Her brother has no regrets about posting the video even after receiving death threats.

“Some people said they want to drill holes through my ankle, tie me to a car and drive me around and stuff.   Some people say they're gonna get gangs involved,” said Tuakeu.

He was determined to get his sister clean.

“I don’t want drugs to be part of her life ever I want that to stop.  That’s why I hope she does this rehab and hopefully it works.”