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Rotorua mum urges gang leaders to sort out rivalry conflict

A Rotorua Fordlands area mother is calling on gang leaders to sort out rivalry retaliation conflicts. This follows an assault on a man outside the local liquor store, which residents claim was gang related.

Local residents on Ford Road believe the assault that happened yesterday afternoon was gang related.

"I just heard from friends somebody in red got a hiding out here. Yeah, yeah no good though, not the one," said Simon Watene.

"This dude went up to this house, beat up one of the cuzzies, she dropped the baby and then people chased him up here, carried him over there," said James Takao.

"He just attacked her," said Fader, "No good."

At 12.55pm yesterday, police responded to a report of a male being assaulted outside these commercial premises on Ford Road. One arrest was made. However, a local mother known as "Bubba" says yesterday's assault resulted in retaliation actions by mongrel members and she's fed up.

"All I know is it's b***sh**! For starters don't come into the hood. If you got an issue do it properly, go see the rangatira and get them to sort it out the right way, you know. My nephew got beaten up last night, he had nothing to do with this sh**! He's not gang affiliated, he's not nothing."

Bubba says Fordlands is known as a Black Power gang stronghold with a history of conflict with rival Mongrel Mob members who reside in East Rotorua, however, it's still home for locals.

Watene says it's still a safe place to live. "Yeah it is, yep, yeah - it is. You know I'm alright for myself," he said.

"Got to step our game up you know aye. Can't be happening. Can't be doing that around here," said local Tiakiawa Solomon.

Police told Te Kāea that the investigation into the assault is ongoing and at this stage, could neither confirm or deny whether it was gang related.