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Māori named in 2018 NZ Commonwealth Games swimming squad

Three Māori have been announced in New Zealand's aquatics squad for the Commonwealth Games. They will be joining sixteen others heading to Australia next year.

Swimming NZ CEO Steve Johns says, “It's a good strong team is a mixture of experience and youth in the team but we're pretty optimistic that they are gonna go over there and in 102 days’ time come back with some silverware.”

Three Māori were named in the 17 Swimming Squad, Corey Main, Latricia-Leigh Transom and Bronagh Ryan.

“First and foremost they are three fantastic swimmers. So in their own right, they are great athletes but in terms of the whole Māori culture in the New Zealand team going to the Commonwealth games and being part of a team they add a lot to that, it's pretty exciting.”

For Bronagh Ryan it's a sea of emotion, “It was incredibly overwhelming I cried for the first time I happy cried. I haven't happy cried before and it was really nice because my dad was with me so we got to share that together. It has been quite a journey obviously it's been years of training building up to but this year alone I had to come back from injury personal issues you know just of the mill life. So up against everything, it's tough but clearly it's doable.

Top swimmer Corey Main, is back to represent at the Commonwealth Games after five years training in Florida.

“I'm confident in my ability to medal so nothing below that. I feel it's more because I am a senior influencer I've been to the Commonwealth games before. I know what to expect and just help the younger guys through that.”

Latricia-Leigh Transom who's training in Brisbane will join the kiwi squad in the international pool in 102 days.