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Onekawa to up his game at Arnold Classic

Rotorua bodybuilder, Darryn Onekawa is set to return to the Arnold Classic Festival Australia in March.  Placing sixth last year, he is hoping for a better result.

Onekawa will take his fifth stand in the Arnold Classic competition. He says, "It’s always my goal to make an improvement. I know I’m up against it because men in the world are going to be competition on the stage.

It’s going to be both an honour but also a true challenge to get up there and see what I can do."

With experience under his belt, he knows it’s about putting in the hard work.

"I do my own nutrition, I do my own training, so I take that responsibility on board and with that, I also know I’m responsible for the outcome so if I don’t put the hard work in I don’t get the results," says Onekawa.

He will face 18 competitors in the Open Men’s division.  The build-up has been a humbling experience with his whānau.

"A lot of pride in representing myself, my family, my friends and loved ones that support and back me from Day Go, and for my baby girl who has turned five."

The Arnold Classic takes place in Melbourne from March 16 - 18.