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Māori moko takes over Facebook one face at a time

A kirituhi Facebook filter designed by Te Wānanga o Aotearoa has had more than 92,000 uses in the past three weeks and there are many opinions.

People from all walks of life are getting kirituhi, a digital one.

It's a celebration of culture, says Ross McDougall, Social Media Advisor to TWOA.

The Wānanga told Te Kāea that their graphics team designed the kirituhi, male and female- no specific iwi, no connection to anything or anyone.

Heeni Hoterene says, "There are plenty of conversations and scenarios that come with this gift but I don't think that this app is belittling Māori".

While Jasper Force says,  "Great way to commercialise your own culture guys...When you slap a moko on any old thing, ka whakaiti ana ratau i te kaupapa o te toi. You belittle the art form".

Te Wānanga o Aotearoa say they are using virtual reality to take tikanga Māori to the world.