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Opinions split over first year Labour-led government

It's nearly a year since the Labour-led government came into power, but public opinion in South Auckland is split over whether Māori have had any gains under the new coalition.

In two weeks it'll be one year since the signing of the coalition government agreement, but the jury is already out.

One passerby said, “You know I think they do enough for us Māori.”

Another disagreed, “Not for me, no.”

The growing homeless Māori population is a huge concern.

Yet another passerby says there's more homeless people on the streets than people are aware of.

“I think they're more interested in making roads and public transport than the people,” she says.

Labour has started on its promise to build 100, 000 new affordable homes and state homes over 10 years, to address the homeless plight and current housing shortage.

The government has two more years in parliament, but these members of the public have issued a warning- if gains aren't seen for Māori, they will make their voices heard at the next election.