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Social Housing behind Tamihere mayoralty bid

Former ministers of opposing political parties, John Tamihere and Christine Fletcher have joined forces to run for the Auckland mayoralty.

The pair announced their campaign with former National Minister Fletcher, set as the former Labour Minister, Tamihere's deputy.

Tamihere says they promise to “shake things up and sort it out.”

“Our generation we've dropped the ball and we only get so many changes to pick it back up and fix it up,” he says.

“So we're going to fix it up and sort it out for our kids.”

And importantly ensuring Social Housing opportunities for Māori whānau, which is why Tamihere is running for Auckland's top job.

“We've got some major problems on inefficiency, poor leadership and management on our own assets, but at the same time there are significant assets held by the Crown that we need a conversation on, where social housing and Kiwibuild houses can be built.”

Te Kāea spoke with locals from west and south Auckland who said the issue is a concern.

“Our congestion of transportation, that is the number one and of course population growth our housing,” said a Henderson local.

“Yes, yes the housing the first one,” said an Otara local.

“Now you can [see] on the road, people are sleeping on the road. It's not a very good [look].”

However the current Mayor remains unfazed by the new competitors.

“Democracy is about contest, so it's a contest of idea's vision and leadership and they'll be at least a dozen candidates, so no, that's just part of the course,” says Phil Goff.

They pair announced five pledges including re-negotiating Auckland's higher regional fuel tax, opening council books to examine spending and giving ratepayers more control on local boards.

Tamihere plans to announce their Māori kaupapa campaign in the next few weeks.