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Sea breeze brings relief amidst soaring temperatures

Temperatures are edging closer to 40 degrees Celsius (°C) in some areas as the forecast heatwave continues to warm parts of the country.

Although Wellingtonians aren't bearing the brunt of the forecast heatwave they welcome the warmer weather.

Beachgoer Kezia Chung says, “It's good but not really because then the beaches will be really packed. Hopefully, we get some Wellington wind."

One young swimmer told Te Kāea, “I’m not really bothered because I love the heat.”

Ella Tom, fresh from taking a dip, told Te Kāea, “We can just swim if it gets too hot but I hope it’s not this hot when we go back to school.”

MetService Meteorologist Lisa Murray says while this weather is not unheard of the length of the extremely warm period is unusual. Central regions and East Coast areas are expected to bake the most.

"Those central places like Taumarunui and Te Kūiti they will see temperatures that are quite unusual and prolonged over a number of days so quite unusual heat and even in Wellington here although the city itself, the maximum temperature is expected to be around 27°C  up in the Hutt Valley you can expect temperatures to get close to the mid-thirties."

Murray says people need to be mindful of the impact of the heat when it comes to their wellbeing and that of pets and stock.

"We have to remind ourselves to stay hydrated, to seek out shade and wear a hat and use sunscreen.

“But also check-in with your neighbours and the vulnerable people in your community, like the young or the elderly, as well as your pets and livestock. Animals can be affected by the heat as well so make sure they have plenty of water and some shade."

Before midday Monday Kaikoura hit 33°C  and Blenheim was a warm 32°C. By 3pm a sea breeze reduced temperatures in Kaikoura and Napier took the top spot with the highest temp at 34.5°C .

Overnight temperatures of up to 22°C can be expected.

Temperatures were expected to normalise come the weekend.