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PREMIERE: NRG Rising puts spotlight on impact of domestic abuse

NZ female reggae band, NRG Rising is shining the spotlight on issues of domestic violence. The band says their song I Cry talks about their personal experiences around domestic violence and depression.

Domestic violence is a harsh reality in NZ with around 10 children killed by a member of their family every year and these wāhine want to shed light on the issue.

Band singer, Anahera Whakatope-Tahuri says, "When you highlight that in a song like "I Cry you", make it okay to share those emotions.'"

Last November, it was reported that Police responded to family violence-related call-outs every four minutes.

As a survivor band leader, Benita Tahuri says sharing their stories is part of healing those who are still being hurt by this reality.

She says, "I'm a survivor of domestic violence and sexual abuse as a child but I'm a long way from that and when you start healing you can start talking.  So we're sharing our real experiences in life to give others an opportunity to heal."

The band is hoping to inspire others to find solutions.

"There's tamariki out there who need us now. I te mutunga iho, it's about our tamaiti," says Whakatope-Tahuri.

The band will be performing their new song at Waitangi@Waititi and the Manukau Waitangi Day celebrations in Auckland.

NB: The short film contains adult themes that may not be suitable for younger audiences. Viewer discretion advised.