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Driver wings it after KFC fail

A hungry van driver got himself into a precarious situation trying to pick up his order from KFC without realising that his camper van was too high to get through the drive thru.

Puhi Hauwaho captured the scene on her phone at the local Whakatāne KFC restaurant, the results of which kept other drive thru customers waiting in line for at least 10 minutes.

"He backed out, almost backed into the speaker where you order your food, stopped his van, hopped out and walked to get his kai and drove back out the entry where the height bar is and went straight [into] it", she said.

The accident left a large dent in the restaurant roof. Hauwaho's vehicle and others were forced to back out of the driveway to allow the camper van to reverse out. She then explained the unfortunate incident to a worker at the drive thru window.

The restaurant manager told Te Ao Māori News, "We'll explain to the head office and they will obviously talk to the police to track down the driver who was responsible for the damage caused on our roof."

"We have a height chain at the front of the drive thru and on the bar it says no trailers and high vehicles. The driver would've heard his car hit the bar before entering into the drive thru."

Unconfirmed reports say the driver managed to retrieve his meal before beating a hasty exit.