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Riki says playing in the NRL is a dream come true

Jordan Riki has been on the Brisbane Broncos' radar since he was 14 years old and last year he was contracted to the club's top NRL side.

It has been a year since Riki (19) signed to the Broncos' top side and it's looking like an exciting future for this descendant of Tainui waka.

"Ever since I was five or six years old and, probably, when I was about eleven or twelve I realised I could make it into an actual career," says Riki.

He has been playing the game for years and this could be the opportunity he has been waiting for.

"This is pretty much [Australia's] number one sport beside AFL and it's a massive difference.  The skill level is obviously a lot better here."

Despite missing home Riki says Australia is the place he needs to be to reach his full potential in this sport.

"There's been some challenges along the way but I've loved every second of it, I wouldn't trade it.  This is what I want to do, this is my dream to play NRL."

Sony Bill Williams is someone Riki looks up to and he hopes to follow in his footsteps.

"I remember watching him when I was a kid on Youtube.  Sonny Bill Williams is just an all-around talent, he can do everything, offload, ball play, even a wee kick here and there."

Riki has some advice for those who are passionate about the sport.

"There is people watching you 24/7, you never know, people know people.  Just stick at it and work hard."

Riki has his sights set on becoming the best he can be, hoping that soon he will be able to debut for the Broncos.