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Koi Boys out to redeem themselves in new season of The Voice

The Māori trio Koi Boys, who rose to fame following their appearance on The Voice Australia in 2016, have something new in store.

The group, comprised of Danny Faifai, Kevin Keepa and Ngahere Ngatai, have been invited to compete in the newest season of The Voice Australia.

"We have been given the opportunity to be All-Stars in The Voice this year.  So we've been asked back to The Voice to battle it out with the rest of the competitors," says Ngatai from Rotorua.

Fans of the Koi Boys were disappointed after they were knocked out of the 2016 competition before the finals.

But Ngatai says they’re ready to fight back.

"We are on The Voice because we really want to see how far we can go.  We were unfairly dismissed last time we were on The Voice so its redemption for us, we're excited to be on it."

But they're not stopping there.  They're also about to try their hand at something different, a reality television show to air in New Zealand.

“It's a good insight into our lives. You always get to see us on stage but you never get to see the story of our lives or even what goes on behind the scenes or some of the trials and tribulations that each one of us have to face with families.”

The Koi Boys. (Source: File)

Their return to New Zealand is also in the pipeline.  The last time they visited was in October 2018 during a tour.

“By Christmas time we're looking to get back to New Zealand as fast as we can because there's a lot of unfinished business.  There's still a lot of performances that we need to do so we're excited to come back.”

The eighth season of The Voice Australia kicks off this Sunday.  The Koi Boys will go up against nine other performers.