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Sons of Zion release new song

Renowned Kiwi band Sons of Zion has released a new single which they hope will get the same traction as their number one hit 'Drift Away'.

In its first day, 'Come Home' received more than 25,000 streams on Spotify alone, and it is also the first single to be released by the band from their new line of music.

A new Sons of Zion song 'Come Home' has made its way onto the country's radio stations and into Kiwi homes.

Band member, Joel Latimer, says, "As songwriters, you can write stuff that's not exactly personal to you, but if you can capture a vibe of how a lot of other people are feeling. So, I guess our goal is to write music that people relate to and respond to."

"IT'S FINALLY HERE! Our new song Come Home releases today‼️ Stoked about this one," the band told followers.  Source/Instagram. 

The band has been working on the track for a while, on a topic that will resonate with a lot of people.

"It's about figuring out your relationship is not working and kind of letting someone, who you don't want to go, go because you love them. So, that's basically what the song is actually about," says Latimer.

It's a team effort when it comes to creating something magical for their fans.

"I guess what kind of inspired it was that Matt just sat down, wrote it with a guitar, presented it to the band and kind of inspired us to create the music to fit around it."

Chilling with the boys in studio

Posted by Sons Of Zion on Thursday, June 13, 2019
The band took to Facebook Live to sing 'Come Home' for fans.  Source/Facebook.

With fame comes sacrifices and, for these musicians, this is something they know all too well.

"The constant grind, and the attitude you have to have to keep going and keep pushing on and striving to be successful and striving to write new songs to support your loved ones, while also spending a lot of time away from them," says Latimer.

Check out 'Come Home' here. Source/YouTube.

The band are pleased with the reaction to their new song so far and hope that it keeps rising up the charts.

"If we could show all the messages and support we got in our social media accounts and our inbox and stuff, and people just tagging us in stories. You know, that's what we love to see, is just fans enjoying our music. We're pretty overwhelmed with the response so far," he says.

They are currently working on their next generation of songs and are also preparing for a national tour in August

'Come Home' is available now on all music platforms.